8 Simple Web Design Dos and Don’ts For a Responsive Website

Dos and Don’ts For a Responsive Website, responsive design is the most recent pattern to assume control over the Web, this brings about “8 Simple Web Design Dos and Don’ts For a Responsive Website”, and some have asked whether it is only a passing prevailing fashion. When in doubt, I accept that the distinction between a passing pattern and one that is staying put is whether it gives a superior user experience. Given that the reason for a responsive design is to do precisely that, I don’t believe it’s going anyplace at any point soon.

Here are 8 Simple Web Design Does and Don’ts that can help you build a responsive Website and save Your Time.

Do not use caps:

It is a perfect practice to use all lower case characters in your URL. Don’t ever try using all caps or first letter caps. It is certainly not advisable.

Avoid space:

Avoid using spaces in your URL file names. Space can result into terrible %20 signs in filenames.

Use underscores or hyphens:

if needed, use the underscore character and a hyphen instead of spaces in the filenames.

Use URL encoding if needed:

Suppose the space is necessary in the file name. Then make sure you use URL encoding for the purpose so that the space is replaced by a plus (+) sign.

Do not use characters such as @ # $ % & ^ etc.

Bring together your content based on the file:

Split your site into a number of folders such as media, images, scripts, pages and files.

Arrange your content based on the use and requirement.

Make sure you protect or restrict access to premium content you don’t want public to access.

Last but not least, make sure to make backups of your entire website regularly.

Bringing these Web Design simple practices into reality will help develop your responsive website. Until our next update make sure to put what you learn into practice, please.

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